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Velcomme to Aeroe Energy and Environment Office

Ærø Energy- and Environment Office is a local association that where established in 1981. The purpose of the association is to promote renewable energy (RE) and sustainable ways of living

Since the early '80s Ærø Energy- and Environment Office has been an active player in the work with ordinary educational work on renewable energy and energy saving, insulation and heat vision campaigns, grant requests, planning of energy projects and helped start the local production of wind turbines and solar panels.

Our main activities are:

  • Initiator and administrator of RE-projects (wind turbines, district heating plants)
  • Providing free, impartial information and guidance on energy conservation and utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Arrangement of public debate meetings
  • Education activities in ground schools
  • Guided tours on energy plants
  • Co-operation with local companies, non-governmental organisations, municipalities and energy supply companies

The association is impartial and has no economic relations to private companies.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

 » A renewable energy island

Ærø is a small island situated in the southern part of Denmark. For the past 30 years the island has worked actively to promote use of renewable energy sources.

Today, more than 55% of the island's total energy consumption is based on renewable energy (solar, wind and biomass) and ultimately, the goal is that Aero will be self-supplied with renewable energy.